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Women In Wellness: Fiona Eckersley On The Five Lifestyle Tweaks That Will Help Support People’s Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

“Be kind to yourself. Look into the judgement that you are directing at yourself. Sometimes, we are much harder on ourselves than anyone else around us.” 

“Don’t try to please everyone or have them like and agree with you”

This is a quote from the article by and about Fiona, in

Thrive Global
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At the end of the interview with Paxton Chartisia of Narcabuse_TV I was asked to think of 3 pieces of advice I would give to my children from my early life experience.

Quite a question off the cuff 😕

Here is the clip.

To see both parts of the whole interview, head over to my youtube channel (part 1) (part 2)

Social Impact Authors: How & Why Author Fiona Eckersley Is Helping To Change Our World

As part of his series about “authors who are making an important social impact”, Edward Sylvan, CEO of Sycamore Entertainment Group interviewed Fiona after her second book was published in paperback.

You can read the article here

How We Can Leverage The Power Of Gratitude To Improve Our Overall Mental Wellness

Authority Magazine interviewed Fiona about the power of Gratitude in everyone’s life.

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Greg Dwyer Radio: Struggling to find Mr. Right (Mrs. Right) when dating after divorce?

Join expert Fiona Eckersely as she shares her insights on this Valentine’s Day.

It was great to be a part of the 5 Fabulous Authors Book Launch! What an amazing event and HUGE Thank You to Alissa Henry from 10TV-WBNS.
Here is my portion of the event. If you want to see all the interviews head to

Kay is the bestselling author of “Your Path to Songwriting Success: 7 Steps to Becoming a Confident Songwriter”. She coaches others on how to follow their love of music and passion to write the songs that are buzzing in their heads and just waiting to be released and shared with others.
To contact her and find out how she can help you set your music free, email her at

I’m fired up to share that you can now hear me in a brand new podcast.

The podcast is called “You Can Overcome Anything!”
It has a great mission – to share stories of entrepreneurs who have overcome many obstacles and now are positively moving forward in their own lives and creating a positive impact on the world.

Myth-busting about being single!

When we lose confidence, it will affect the way our life progresses. Fiona was interviewed by Majeed Mogherreban on the way this lack of confidence can lead to Imposter Syndrome and how to fix it.

Fiona was Featured in The Fairfield County Business Journal:

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Check out the article from UPJOURNEY.COM about letting go of anger and hate. Contributions from many experts including myself.

Once again I was privileged to be a featured expert in this excellent article from

Read Fiona’s “Conversation” in She Will Thrive

“We launched She Will Thrive because we believe that women need to find their own personal success (joy, fulfillment, health and abundance) in order to thrive.”

Recovering After Midlife Divorce

By Fiona Eckersley

Fiona was interviewed about her book on the day that it was published. Watch the video below.

Read Fiona’s full length article
Why do I still feel like I love my ex? ( and what to do about it)
in Up Journey
Fiona was interviewed for Spiritual Connections Show by Katie Augustyn

Fiona Is an expert contributor to this BUSTLE article.

7 Signs Your Partner Has a History Of Toxic Relationships, According To Experts

Fiona was interviewed by April Mahoney for The Edge Podcast. Here is the video of that.

Fiona was interviewed by Katherine Miller from The Miller Law Group for her podcast, Divorced Dialogues

Listen to the Episode here

Fiona joins Katherine to discuss the particular challenges associated with midlife divorce. She explains what it means to unlock your power in the aftermath of divorce, offering strategies for quieting negative self-talk and recognizing the truth of who you really are. Listen in for Fiona’s 7-step process for moving on after midlife divorce and learn why it’s crucial to do the inner work before you repartner.

Listen to Fiona’s speech given on stage in Ottowa, Canada

Continuing her research to discover what women think about men today, Pauline Crawford spoke with Fiona. As women gain confidence in today’s world, we move inextricably towards a better future and in that we need to learn how to share our confidence and understand men.

So Excited to be a part of this amazing podcast series with Steve and Toni .
We talked about so many aspects of being single and moving positively forward, specifically though:
Moving on from a surprise divorce and unlocking personal power
Discovering a new normal of personal choices
Creating new and positive self-talk
How trauma can lead to new perspectives and create new personal experiences
How gratitude can create daily satisfaction and positive thoughts
If you’re navigating any changes like this, you should give a listen

Nikki Bruno and her Epic Comeback Podcast aims that for every episode at least one woman in this world is going to say “ENOUGH” to victimization, paralysis, and a crappy situation… and say YES to staging an epic comeback in her life. And as we all know, an Epic Comeback in a woman’s life leads to a rising tide in the lives of her children, the men she hangs out with, her community, and beyond. I was honored to be a part of this conversation! Listen NOW in any of these outlets!

Catch this Be Awesome Podcast episode with Fiona.
Thriving After Divorce with Fiona Eckersley
How to reinvent in times of uncertainty
In light of the restrictions that are confining so many to our homes, I’m hearing more and more Fear about isolation, about being alone and uncertainty about the future. My conversation with Majeed Mogharreban is in the context of our world changing due to coronavirus and how can we reinvent ourselves and our identity and create a bright future despite so much fear chaos stress uncertainty.

Recently, I was a guest on A New Golden Age Podcast which is a lifestyle podcast on topics about where and how to live, work and play in the second half of life.

Check out my guest interview, Grey Divorce: Survive & Thrive with Jean Latham on A New Golden Age podcast.


From Mid-Life Divorce to Empowered Self:

A Woman’s Journey to Living Again