Inspiration for starting over after divorce.

I have totally worked through my issues of ‘failure’ and have released the anger I’ve been holding in for over 8 years. I am more aware of the importance of doing things for myself. I have goals to help me achieve my ‘GET OUT OF THE HOUSE’ and do something different/enjoyable/relaxing.

First of all, I am an intelligent woman, I help so many other people- I should’ve been able to help myself, BUT, I couldn’t. The cost was a big shock. But I really felt I was worth investing in – and now, I’m not sorry at all, it was well worth it. I think it made me work harder, because I had so much invested!

I enjoyed getting to know You and vice versa. Our weekly conversations were great, and it kept me pointing in the right direction. I appreciated your vision and outlook. You could give a perspective that I couldn’t see. You really listened and pulled things out of me I wasn’t aware of.

If you are a woman over 40 who is or has gone through a divorce, and are having difficulties in getting your life back on track… I recommend having a consultation with Fiona. I think Fiona truly does help you find your fabulous. It may be a little tarnished and dusty, but she works you through issues and helps get you shining again.

I am more confident in myself. I no longer even think of that ‘black cloud of failure’ that I thought followed me around. It has disappeared. I’m making plans to get outside my comfort zone and do things. The outlook for my future is brighter and I am looking forward to discovering new friends and even start dating!

You really made me think back on how I worded things in earlier conversations- pointing out my true self image (that I had been ignoring or denying). I think you made the process very easy.

It took clear eyes, of someone who didn’t know me, but had gone through a similar event, to really open my eyes to how I was putting myself down and blaming myself for things out of my control

                        Diana Dean Brown

I was able to get clearer on where I am and where I want to go. I was able to “emotionally “ be divorced which I wasn’t sure I could do. I learned a lot about myself in the process.

I’d been through therapy and wondered if this would be any additional help or not.

This is not about staying in the past or pain, it’s about finding yourself in the middle of all that! Being able to quickly see what needs work and take active steps to get there.

I’m in a much better place emotionally, able to have distance and separation from my ex but also have better boundaries or insight on why I may have issues setting them. Ready to move forward with whatever comes next, not feeling “stuck”

I was surprised how quickly I could see progress in myself!


Laurisa Vanette

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After working with you, I have found hope and a purpose for my life. I feel more confident and less anxious. I appreciate who I am and how I think and I am less judgmental of myself and others. I no longer feel stuck. Before signing on with you, I wondered if the money would be worth it; would you really make a difference, do you know what you are doing; do you have demonstrated success? However, the free webinar and the free first session made a difference for me as the webinar told me that you understood my problem statement, “I am stuck”, and in the free session you started working and made a difference right away.

What I liked best about working with you was your positive, up-beat presence. You listened very carefully to what I said and caught in my words the very things that were making me feel stuck. I never felt judged by you as incompetent and I never felt shamed for the thoughts I was thinking. Instead, I felt heard, encouraged and empowered to move beyond my thoughts and into the woman I was meant to be.

The differences that I see in myself after working with you is a more confident woman who has slowed down to take care of myself, nourish myself, and appreciate the unique differences in who I am. I catch myself when I start judging myself or others and I lead out of a sense of empowerment and expectation that others will hear what I have to say or there will be consequences. I have a deep sense of peace that I haven’t had in a long time.

What surprised me the most is how quickly we connected and how quickly I started to see changes. I so wanted to be in the state I am now, full of peace and able to manage the negative beliefs, but not sure I thought it was possible. So I am surprised by the amount we accomplished. I also found it surprising how well you listened and caught things I said, then found exercises and actions to help. I loved your drive and desire to see me succeed.

Christine Turner

  Fiona helped me find my true self. She helped me focus on the reality of my situation. I had value and I had to learn to speak my truth. I realized I have made the correct decision. This has also taught my girls to that they must value themselves and not to give up themselves for another person’s happiness.

Before I worked with Fiona I was extremely depressed. I felt I let my family down. I felt trapped and I hated myself. I have given up a fabulous home and money because my husband didn’t love me. I felt I was dying inside. I felt so guilty and worthless.

Fiona asked the tough question. At times I didn’t want to face them. She took her time and showed me the value in facing my truth head on.

Fiona has a gift. She makes you realize as moms and women how much we give of ourselves and how important it is to refresh, reflect and restore our bodies, minds, and souls. She opens one’s eyes to see how we must remain who we really are in every relationship and how we must never stop pushing ourselves to be better.

Thanks to Fiona I don’t allow family, friends, or coworkers walk over me. I am standing up for myself. I have started new adventures as well as starting to date again. I like myself. The person I am becoming. Between my faith and Fiona who has been a blessing, I am happy. I have also lost 50lbs by changing my thought process.

Patricia. La

Fiona and I started to work together in 2012. It was one of the most difficult times in my life; my thirty-eight year marriage was coming to an end. I was shattered. Fiona is a strong person and guided me through a devastating time. I am forever grateful. She gave me advice for getting through the divorce.

Before each mediation meeting I’d ask Fiona financial questions as well as her advice on how to handle the mediation proceedings. With confidence, Fiona gave me good advice. Most important, she taught me to stand up for myself and not be bullied. My self-esteem was destroyed and Fiona taught me to stand up against a man I loved yet treated me badly. She put things in perspective for me and made me understand that this man didn’t deserve my love and I needed to let go and move on with my life.

Thank you Fiona!

Ann CT

Fiona is like an angel on my shoulder reminding me about making the best choices for myself. It seems that she came along at just the right time.                          

Constantina, Fairfield,  Ct.

While I never even knew what a confidence coach was I look forward to weekly phone calls that are just about ME and what I want to accomplish this week. I really never thought about myself so much. I usually find someone or something else to focus on no matter how big or small my issue is. My family, their issues, tasty dinners, my health and my friends’ health.This has been a nice transition to a little bit of me time without guilt. Yes I am worth it. Fabulous Fiona thinks so and she is the coach. She can’t be wrong. So, here I am after 70 years of living life I’m finally stopping and evaluation myself in a positive manner. Doing little things like sitting in the dining room and eating my dinner with a candle in front of my plate and a beautiful view looking out the window. I’m just looking in a mirror and telling myself, “Hey, your doing ok for an old broad” . Yes I do need approval from myself. So far, I’m liking it. It really doesn’t matter the results on the scale right now. My liking me is really important now. I think it will all come together. Thanks Fab Fiona!!!                                                     

Janice S., Stratford, Ct


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how thrilled I am to have you as a Confidence Coach. You have worked in a fashion that puts me at ease and makes me feel like we have been friends for years. You never judge me even when I am having my moments and your compassion shines through.

I look forward to our continued work together and just wanted to make you aware how grateful I am to have you work with me and for helping me through my challenges each week. (You truly are heaven sent)


Lynn,  Red Lion, Pa

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“As always Fiona, you have the words that we all need to hear and that we all think! I had a fabulous Sunday walking in the rain with my “friend” Christopher. He always says he is grateful to you for giving me the push to move forward and meet him for coffee last February 😁!”

Vanessa, NY

This why I wrote my book! I received this message from Kelly.

“Hi thank you for reaching out. I read your book three weeks ago. My favorite chapters are Reframe Emotions and Focus on your Goals and Passions. The Monday after I read your book, exactly 2 weeks ago, I decided to just start doing better. Not sleeping all day. Eating better. I started to think ahead to the holidays. Last year was the first year I was alone and had to spend stretches of time without my son. So this year I told myself that I am not going down that dark road again. I started to think about what had brought me happiness in the past. I have decided to start running again and have reached out to a couple of my running friends. Last night a good friend and I decided to sign up for a 5k that’s in about 6 weeks. So I’ve started exercising again and I’ve lost 4 lbs. Oh and I’ve cut out some people that are negative energy in my life. That’s helped me focus on positive things.
Kelly. “

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