Meet Fiona


Why do I seem to know so much about what you are feeling?

I’ve been there.

Let me share a little about myself. I am a Confidence Coach who works with women in their 40’s and beyond who have gone through a divorce and wonder how to move on and thrive in their new reality. I’m also a mother, sister, teacher, student, dog lover, and amateur artist.
Originally from England, I have been in the United States for more than 25 years. I stayed home to raise my four children, after my earlier career as a teacher working in Great Britain, Sierra Leone and the United States.
When I was 44 years old, I had been married for 17 years. I was settled in my life as a wife and mother and looking to the future as I watched my children grow and thinking there would be more time to spend with my husband. Then one Sunday afternoon I learned that indeed my whole life was about to be flipped upside down and the future that I had seen a secure was going to be completely different.
It has been a bumpy, eye opening, impactful, tearful, inspirational and totally amazing ride. In fact, I continue to learn new wonderful things that move me further down my path to the woman I want to be every day. I intend to never stop learning.
And for sure it has been different…But Fabulous!
I have learned to overcome my own self-limiting, negative thoughts, emotional blocks and incorrect beliefs. I understood what was holding me back from what I wanted to achieve. Today I run my own successful business. I help other women find their joy, confidence, truth about who they really are and their voice…this is the passion I had been seeking.
Now I am excited to help you begin your journey to unlock your full potential. You can Find Your Fabulous in all areas of your life and I promise to be your guide.
Whether you just signed the papers or have been living single for years but still feel unable to thrive as you should in this next chapter of your life, I can help you in all areas of your journey to Find Your Fabulous Whole Self. I will honor your unique needs and hold you accountable for your success.
Once you find self-confidence and self-love again, you can move forward, improving your life and the lives of those you love in the process.