Are you getting fed up with people asking you what you are doing for Passover or Easter?

I know I am.

I am probably a little late in posting on this, but as one more person asked me that question today I thought that I would share that it’s perfectly fine that I’m not doing anything this year. And the same goes for you.

The “what to make for special meals” sections on the morning shows somehow seem to imply that everyone is having huge family gatherings. Social media posts, T.V special episodes and advertisements are all in on this push that you should have family and celebration plans this weekend, and if you don’t then you are somehow missing out.

Well I have, in the past, been a part of that huge hype and crazy busy mum Easter gathering whirlwind. Making sure everyone of my 4 kids and myself have the outfit to wear. Searching for great things to put in the easter baskets. Figuring out what to make for an Easter Meal and getting everyone to church and the Easter egg hunt on time and with minimum tears.

Today I’m sitting in my house writing this blog and planning for my live webinar this afternoon. I’ll probably be wearing my jeans tomorrow and cooking for myself only. One kid in Amsterdam, one in New York and one in Colorado. I do have my youngest home….but I’m pretty sure she wants to go to her boyfriend’s house for their celebration family meal tomorrow.

Now I see reading this back that this could go to a “oh woe is me” type of place. But I don’t feel that way, truthfully. I loved all of that stuff when it was happening in the past. Although I probably did not appreciate it as much as I should have, because a certain amount of stress went along with all of that making life seem perfect stuff. This is the natural way that life moves on. This is my life as it is now. I’m excited to see where it will be in the future, but I’m going to LOVE my life as it is now.

So, what am I going to do for Easter?

Nothing 🙂

I’m going to enjoy my Sunday. I’m not going to do any work. I’m going to walk my dogs. I may go walk on the beach if the weather is cooperating. I will talk to a friend. I will facetime with my family in England. I will read something I have been meaning to get to for some time. I will meditate, I will text with my children that are away. I may see if I can watch the last Avengers Movie so I can be ready for End Game when it comes out (Yes, there is a confession!). I am going to eat healthy food. I’m going to be incredibly grateful for everything that I have in my life.

However you decide to spend Passover, Easter or if this is just a regular weekend for you, please remember that there is no coulda, woulda, shoulda. You do you.

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