Are you allowing your past to steal your present?

Many find that the events of their married life and/or the process of the divorce have left lingering incredibly strong negative emotions. Whether it be anger, sadness, regret or something else, these feelings can leave us trapped in the loop of reliving the past. Always looking back means not living and loving the life we have now and it certainly doesn’t allow for envisioning goals for our future.

It is difficult to let go of those feelings, for whatever reasons we need to hang on to them. When someone feels they have been wronged or that someone else is “getting away” with bad behavior, it seems that we can’t give up this fight for justice almost. However,it is these emotions that are keeping you so trapped and unable to see that there is a bright future ahead of you. If you can give it a chance.

It is so worth the effort to move out of the uncomfortable “comfort” zone of dwelling on the past. Focus to start with on little gratitudes that you have around you right this minute. As you expand out from there, you will surprise yourself about how many things will open up for you.

When it has been so long since you considered who you are and what you might actually like, you feel like you don’t even know what your goals should be. Finding that out is the beginning of your journey. You may have spent maybe decades concerned for and caring for others and not even thinking that you can make good decisions for yourself. That is a “muscle” that needs to be exercised. Baby steps, like finding one hobby that you might like to pursue, can turn into you finding your passion, and your passion for your own life.

Decide that the negative emotions that are keeping you trapped are not serving you anymore. Letting go, as much as you can, will allow you to start to live your best life right now.

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