Mindset: How to think more positively- even if you don’t think you can

When it comes to moving on from your divorce, mastering the new day to day routines, finances and navigating relationships is only half the battle. The other half is purely mindset. It’s true, 50% of your path to being fabulous and thriving after your divorce relies on the way you think – it’s that important!

When I first got divorced, I was in a negative place, mentally. I felt frustrated, and found myself blaming others or circumstances for my situation. I was having a hard time feeling the gratitude for the amazing things that I did have in my life. At times, I sabotaged my own progress, in an effort to stay safely within my comfort zone.
Once I made a conscious decision to make a simple shift in mindset and rid myself of negativity, everything changed for me. Mindset is the cornerstone and foundation that we build our lives upon, and if it is not rock solid, it will eventually give way.

The first step ( and this sounds too simple, I know) is to believe that a positive attitude is a choice.
Now when I find myself in a bad situation, I know that it’s up to me to find the good, to be positive regardless of what’s happening around me. I no longer point fingers and place blame. I realize that everything happens how it happens, and it’s up to me to choose how I want to feel about it. I am in control of my attitude, and no one can take that away from me.

My goal is to help other women recognize their own toxic patterns and any self-sabotaging behaviors, so they can strike those habits from their lives. Once having cleared those disruptive mental blocks, it is so much easier to hone in on your vision and gain clarity. You’ll be able to clearly identify your PURPOSE, and emerge as the powerful and capable woman you know you are.

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