5 Tips To Love The Party AND Still Love Yourself Later!



We have all been there, right? The holiday party is tonight and after spending forever figuring out what to wear and bring for the hostess, the next thought is, “How am I going to control my eating and drinking with all that temptation?”


There are 3 ways to go here.

  • You could think, “Oh I’m just going to let go and enjoy. It’s a party”…..but you know that the next day those little negative thoughts will start to blame you anyway.
  • You could decide to eat nothing all day and so, “Hey, now I can eat anything and it will be fine.” Except that leads to binge eating, and let’s hope there isn’t drinking on an empty stomach.
  • You stand around all night focused on not indulging and that becomes a pretty miserable way to spend your evening.


However, there is a 4th way.
You can plan ahead and still have a great time and feel great about yourself.

1)Make sure you drink a lot of water throughout the day.Not only will this help you to feel fuller, but it will help your energy level for that late night. If you are drinking it serves to lessen the effects of dehydration alcohol brings.

2)Eat well during the day. Especially eat before you arrive at the party.If you don’t arrive starving you won’t head straight for the food. If you do drink, it will help to soak up some of the alcohol. Make sure that you eat plenty of protein that day. Protein helps fill you up and it can also lesson cravings when you see all those sweet goodies lined up in front of you. Foods high in fiber will also help to keep you feeling satisfied throughout the evening.

3)Find something at the party not centered around the food area.
It may be a group of new people to talk to or get up and get dancing. Circulating and moving makes it hard to hold that plate or glass and also gives you something else to focus on.

4)If possible, have an accountability buddy at the party.
If you are both looking to stay away from excess, it makes it easier to stay on track.

5) Choose your booze wisely
If you are going to drink, think about what will have the least repercussions on you in the morning. I love red wine, but sadly one glass will make me feel terrible for most of the next day and I know to avoid it. You can also slow down your intake and lessen the effects by drinking a glass of water or seltzer in between each one of your chosen tipple.

So go ahead and enjoy all those parties and family get togethers. You have the tools to have a great time without needing to deprive or punish yourself.

Plan ahead and have an Amazing and Happy Holiday Season!



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