chocolate-afpDid you know that one of the benefits of eating dark chocolate could be enhancing your love life and libido?

Chocolate is made from the cacao bean, which is the seed of the cacao fruit. Cacao contains two chemicals: tryptophan, which helps with sexual arousal and phenylethylamine, which is released in the brain when you fall in love and is also known as the “love chemical”. So there’s a reason that chocolates are the most popular Valentine Day gift and that the word “chocolate” is pretty much synonymous with the word “romance”.

So what will dark chocolate do to enhance your sex drive? Dark chocolate is known to contain an amino acid called L-arginine that helps enhance your sex drive by increasing nitric oxide and stimulating blood flow to your sex organs, which increases sexual sensation and desire. Chocolate also contains a compound called theobromine, which stimulates the nervous system making you feel excitable and uplifted. This enhances your love mood by giving you that aphrodisiac boost!

It seems that switching from milk chocolate or flavored chocolate to pure, unsweetened dark chocolate can help to make you feel uplifted and excited and give you an instant, natural energy boost.

How do you identify the highest quality chocolate?  Look for dark chocolate with a 70% cacao content or higher and make sure the very first ingredient is cacao or cacao butter and not sugar.

For anyone who is concerned about being addicted to sugar, dark chocolate  is at least a step in the right direction that can actually have health benefits and boost their libidos.

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