Mindful eating

As we begin to see the sun shining and start to wonder how we are going to fit into those cute, if slightly revealing, outfits in the closet an easy way to start to control weight is Mindful Eating.

Mindful eating is practicing awareness and really thinking about not only what you eat, but when and where….and how quickly. Mindful eating is a lifestyle not a diet.

Start with these tips to practice Mindful Eating:

Build a better relationship with your food.

Instead of just grabbing an apple, think about where it came from, the people who grew it and the nourishment that it is providing for your body.

Listen to your hunger cues.

Am I really hungry? Or are you seeking another type of nourishment?

Avoid distraction.

Try not to eat while watching T.V., working on the computer or driving. When you eat without distractions, you can be fully present in the moment. You can focus on what it tastes like, how it feels in your mouth and your body’s reaction to it. When you have no distractions, you can become more easily aware of when you feel full.

Take time during and after meals.

To avoid eating too quickly, put your fork down between bites. Chew your food thoroughly. Slowing down during mealtime will allow your body to know when you are full.

Eating for enjoyment and nourishment of your body, not trying to feed a need that has nothing to do with physical hunger can sometimes be difficult. Mindful eating is one tool that you can employ to help you in your journey


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