February: love for all–including yourself!

So here we are at the end of February and I am wondering how many of you are still in recovery from the Holiday-Over-Indulgence-Hangover that seemed to begin sometime in the middle of November.

How did this continue for so long in to the new year? Isn’t it that January 1st. is the kick in the behind that gets us all fit and healthy for the rest of the year? So, full confession, Health Coach I may be, but I am for sure also human and a work in progress. So, I may have over-indulged just a wee bit over the holiday period….but why was it still continuing??? Finding myself a little too tired each day, not too motivated to get to the gym as much as I would like to, and left wondering who was shrinking all my clothes, I realized that my creeping return to bad habits may be the cause…..ya think?!

So, as February started it was time to take my own advice. (If you have ever tried that, it isn’t so easy).I had to stop hibernating and get out there. Less texting, more human connections, become accountable, and re-examine my goals. It is very important to remember that there are always setbacks and that re-evaluation is a constant in all areas of our lives if we are to live up to our full potential.

I did one small thing for myself. I made sure I cleaned out my pantry and stocked the fridge with good clean food. That led to my walking with my dogs, then into the gym and picking up the weights again…they were pretty light, but that is a whole other blog :). Taking a little break from that nightly relaxing glass of wine was the next step – I didn’t seem to need it after going to a spin class. Couple of weeks in I am feeling so much better both in myself and about myself. I have energy for work, dogs, kids and fun. Those friends I am in face to face contact with again are asking what I’m doing to seem so upbeat.

So, if you are sitting at your computer feeling the winter “blahs”, how about this…turn it off…(well finish reading this first though). Get in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take several deep breaths and think of just one thing that you can do today to nourish your soul. For you, no-one else. Whether it be calling a friend, taking a bubble bath, buying some flowers for your kitchen table or taking a long walk with your dog, it will be the first step in the direction you want to move in. All the rest will follow.


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