When you feel the Fabulous Flagging

I woke up early this morning, knowing that I didn’t have to go to work. A little meditation, a little coffee and I was feeling pretty good about my list of things to accomplish for the day. Then I wandered past the bathroom mirror. EEK! What had happened to my eyes overnight? Was I attacked by biting insects? Did I wander around the neighbourhood in my PJ’s, unknowingly getting no sleep? Or was it one of those coma things where I had actually been asleep for 10 years? ….because that is how much older I looked. It seemed that my noticing the puffy bags under my eyes had mysteriously robbed me of all the energy that I had been bringing to my day.

I turned to trusty Google to solve my problem. It seems that there are many remedies for this situation, which apparently is “common at my age”. (That didn’t help much). Should I opt for layering hemorrhoids lotion under my eyes, lay with a cold spoon pressed on to them, or go cut up the cucumber I was planning to use for the salad at dinner?

I had no time for any of that, and not much desire. I had booked to take a spin class at somewhere I had not tried before and did not want to be late. It was a bit of a step outside my comfort zone and I was apprehensive when I walked in the door. To my great joy, everyone was both lovely and helpful. The class was amazing! The teacher had energy and motivating enthusiasm. When I walked out after it was over, I was planning when I would be able to attend the next class and I was practically buzzing with the positive energy I felt.

After I got home and took a shower and started on my tasks for the day, it suddenly occurred to me that I had stood in front of the mirror to dry my hair and passed it several times in the last hour or so. In all that time I had not noticed my puffy eye bags, nor thought to scrutinize my face for flaws. I realized that by making the decision to try something new and to add movement to my day, I had managed to transform my outlook completely.The bags were probably still there, but now I had my energy, I had my positive attitude and, most importantly, I had my Fabulous back.

I wonder what you could step out and try today.






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