Stressed? Who me?

There you have it. You made it. The question of how to make a vegetarian, gluten free Thanksgiving feast taste delicious. The managing to diplomatically figure out who gets to host this year. Even the time spent with the passive aggressive mother in law (you know what I’m talking about), went off without incident. You are the Queen of Thanksgiving!

You sit down with your herbal tea (red wine/large vodka….I don’t judge) and just as you start to feel that tension fade away, it hits you. Christmas is hurtling towards you like an out of control juggernaut. And you haven’t done anything yet. There looms an enormous mountain of extra “stuff” that has to get done before the big day. This is, of course, on top of your regular “stuff”…, family, work, pets, that 10 lbs you are going to lose any day now.

Ah yes, the most wonderful time of the year.

Well here’s the thing; it is a wonderful, happy time and if we could give ourselves a break we can get to enjoy it too.

If you start to think of all you have to do it can become overwhelming. Make a list and prioritize. If possible look at that list and delegate. It may be that everyone thinks you are so together that they don’t realize you could do with some help. Reach out and you may be pleasantly surprised. Look at your list again (like Santa). Are there things on there that maybe this year you could let slide? Do you really have to find the perfect Christmas outfit for the dog? Let him wear an old one. Relax and buy cookies to decorate with the kids. I find the BEST thing about lists is crossing off what you have achieved. I have been known to add things that I have already done to a list, just so I can feel great about crossing them off!

Amid all the crazy, take some time out for yourself. You are not being selfish to do that.  A relaxed you is much more pleasant to be around and much more efficient. So really, you are doing everyone else a favor by pampering yourself a little. This can be as simple as taking a walk or a long bubble bath with candles (red wine optional). You can splash out on a massage, take a yoga class or go and get a manicure. Whatever it is that allows you to take time and breath, relax and not be the person that everyone turns to expecting answers and action…..if only for a little while.

Adequate sleep is a great stress reducer. Take some time before you go to sleep to be in a peaceful environment. No t.v., phone or computer. Get yourself a notebook to write things down that are causing you anxiety and make plans for what you need to do the next day. It will free up your mind and energy to move into a deep and restful sleep. Drinking plenty of water will help with both your energy levels and your ability to cope with stress. And BREATHE. You are going to be the Queen of the Holidays! Oh, and look damn good doing it too.

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