Confidence Coach, Author and Divorce Recovery Expert

It’s time to cure your divorce hangover!

I work with you through or after your divorce. Taking you to a place where you are confident enough to feel financially stable and finally in control of your life.

If your divorce hangover is affecting your relationships, your work and ability to make money, your health, you find it hard to focus and make decisions and the day to day joy that you could be feeling in your life is just not there, then maybe it’s time to reach out for help

Whether it be family, finances, work issues, dating, stress, anxiety or spending waaaay too much time thinking about your ex.

Fabulous and Thriving is the most perfectly designed 1:1 coaching program for those who are transitioning through, have just gone through a midlife divorce, or are still struggling with the challenges even though it was some time ago. They are ready to cure their divorce hangover and be their whole-selves, instead of someone else’s better half.

This is the perfect solution for you……

If you are fed up of the negative self-talk in your head: I am trapped. I can’t face this. I can’t do this on my own. I am unlovable. I have become invisible
If you feel that the stress and anxiety are affecting your job
If you are worried that you don’t have the confidence to find financial stability
If you are scrolling through your phone wondering who you can still connect with
If you are finding that you are avoiding making difficult decisions about work or home life
If you desire to feel lighter and calmer
If you dream of having confidence in yourself and being able to push your way through your new challenges
If you are lying awake at night and wondering how you can keep going when you feel so overwhelmed,

…then this is for you.

It’s time to see these desires you have fulfilled! You want to

  • Learn the tools to finally stop your head spinning from trying to keep up with the everyday routines all by yourself.
  • Stop focusing on the past and get your your life and finances together for your fabulous future
  • Avoid destructive behaviors that are not allowing you to move forward from your divorce in a positive and healthy way
  • Understand that no matter how you may still be grieving the loss of your former life, you will be able to thrive as a single woman taking care of her family and herself
  • Know how and where to find support even though many relationships have changed.
  • Finally understand that you can regain your confidence and start to intentionally create what it is you want for this next chapter in your life.

And most of all you want to

  • Love yourself, inside and out and THRIVE in your new life as your whole self.

The Problem is…

You feel like your whole life has been tipped upside down:

Every social interaction, every decision, even every emotion that you are feeling has taken on a completely different aspect.

It feels like you can’t trust your own judgement in anything anymore because you have been second guessed so many times.

Maybe you:

  • Swing between feeling breathless and numb from the moment you wake up to the end of the day.
  • Find yourself wondering How did I get here? Over and over again
  • Are constantly anxious about what your life will look like going forward.
  • Are obsessing about what went wrong with your marriage and what you could have done to have prevented the divorce.
  • Are finding that you feel angry and don’t know how to break out of that negative cycle.

Let’s get you unstuck and started on your path to Fabulous and Thriving!

Take a look at My Testimonial page for what some of my clients have to say about finding their fabulous and changing their lives

I am determined to support you in doing this because I know that
this is YOUR time to find out how Fabulous you are and how well you can Thrive in the next chapter of your life.

What can you expect from working with me?

  • You will learn what destructive habits are holding you back from thriving…and how to eliminate them
  • Take the first steps to getting a handle on your finances …even if you would rather avoid that subject for as long as possible
  • Start to employ healthy habits for your mind, body and spirit.
  • You will be able to lessen your stress and anxiety, allowing you to finally sleep soundly every night.
  • You will learn relaxation techniques
  • You will make empowered decisions
  • You will understand and meet the needs of the relationships with your family.
  • You will allow yourself to grieve for the loss of your former life, while still  moving on in a positive way.
  • You will be able to interact with your ex husband in a healthy way.
  • You will embrace  your new social and support network.
  • You will find clarity about what you really want from life and plan a path to get it.
  • You will love your new Whole Self and live your best life. Thriving as you never had imagined.

My clients work with me because I understand what they are going through, and I’m in the position to exhibit true empathy.  We will approach your problems from a position of curiosity, not judgment. I’ll be part cheerleader and part tough love coach….always on your side and guiding you.

I am committed to having this process give real, life- changing results that are sustainable,. 

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