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Fabulous And Thriving  After Your Midlife Divorce



Be Your Whole Self, Instead of Some Else’s Better Half!

Fabulous and Thriving After Your Midlife Divorce is the most perfectly designed 1:1 coaching program for women who have just gone through a midlife divorce, or are still struggling with the challenges even though it was some time ago.

This is the perfect solution for you……

If you are fed up of the negative self-talk in your head: I am trapped. I can’t face this. My life is over. I am unlovable. I have become invisible
If seeing families strolling down the street together leaves you feeling sorrowful
If passing familiar restaurants leaves you mourning for the life you had
If you are scrolling through your phone wondering who you can still connect with
If you are finding that you are avoiding making difficult decisions about work or home life
If you desire to feel lighter and calmer
If you dream of having confidence in yourself and being able to push your way through your new challenges
If you are lying awake at night and wondering how you can keep going when you feel so overwhelmed,

…then this is for you.



Dear Superwoman,
You are a rock star! You look after your kids, your work, your parents, your pets…
And you do it well. What would they all do without you? You keep going because you feel that it isn’t always just about you. And all this is admirable!

But in your heart you feel the weight of having all the life decisions, big and small, that were once made in unison or by someone else resting squarely on your shoulders.

Your plans for the future, that seemed so certain, have evaporated. The anxiety, worry and stress from this new reality is building up and you feel like you’re silently asking this question that has been going unanswered: “who is there to support and guide me through these new challenges?”


Now it’s time to look after yourself 

It’s time to see these desires you have fulfilled! You want to

  • Learn the tools to finally stop your head spinning from trying to keep up with the everyday routines all by yourself.
  • Avoid destructive behaviors that are not allowing you to move forward from your divorce in a positive and healthy way
  • Understand that no matter how you may still be grieving the loss of your former life, you will be able to thrive as a single woman taking care of her family and herself
  • Know how and where to find support even though many relationships have changed.
  • Finally understand that you can regain your confidence and start to intentionally create what it is you want for this next chapter in your life.

And most of all you want to

  • Love yourself, inside and out and THRIVE in your new life as your whole self.


The Problem is…

You feel like your whole life has been tipped upside down:

Every social interaction, every decision, even every emotion that you are feeling has taken on a completely different aspect.

It feels like you can’t trust your own judgement in anything anymore because you have been second guessed so many times.

Maybe you:

  • Swing between feeling breathless and numb from the moment you wake up to the end of the day.
  • Find yourself wondering How did I get here? Over and over again
  • Are constantly anxious about what your life will look like going forward.
  • Are obsessing about what went wrong with your marriage and what you could have done to have prevented the divorce.
  • Are finding that you feel angry and don’t know how to break out of that negative cycle.

Let’s get you unstuck and started on your path to Fabulous and Thriving!


Take a look at what some of my clients have to say

Fiona and I started to work together in 2012. It was one of the most difficult times in my life; my thirty-eight year marriage was coming to an end. I was shattered. Fiona is a strong person and guided me through a devastating time. I am forever grateful. She gave me advice for getting through the divorce.

Before each mediation meeting I’d ask Fiona financial questions as well as her advice on how to handle the mediation proceedings. With confidence, Fiona gave me good advice. Most important, she taught me to stand up for myself and not be bullied. My self-esteem was destroyed and Fiona taught me to stand up against a man I loved yet treated me badly. She put things in perspective for me and made me understand that this man didn’t deserve my love and I needed to let go and move on with my life.

Thank you Fiona!

Ann CT


I cannot thank you enough for helping me identify what was my next path. Through her guidance, I discovered that my profession of 30 years was not what I wanted to continue. This has released me of the anxiety I was feeling, weight gain, and other stressors I endured not being FABULOUS! Thank you Fiona!

Why do I seem to know so much about what you are feeling?

I’ve been there.

I know exactly how you are feeling. I couldn’t believe that the life I had thought was all planned out, the life I had thought was stable and secure for my children had totally evaporated.
I had been so focused on the mechanics of the actual divorce proceedings that until the day I finally walked out of the courthouse, I think that I had been in denial about what was going to happen afterwards. Nothing about me had changed since I walked in there…yet everything else had changed completely.

I didn’t cry. I didn’t feel relief. I didn’t feel happy or sad. I was numb and I remember thinking, “now what?”

I struggled with all the problems that seem to plague midlife divorced women. Destructive habits, disastrous new relationships, serious missteps and a very unhealthy way of dealing with my ex husband. Add to that the isolation I felt at times and I was far from thriving.

My lowest point came a few years after my divorce. Having gone through some more prolonged legal battles with my ex husband, I was feeling bitter and angry…something I had vowed I would not become. My children were feeling the effects of our bad relationship. I didn’t have a romantic relationship, and I was feeling alone and isolated. I was using food as medication, which was contributing even more to my low view of myself. I came to realize that I could not continue this way.
I finally reached out for help and support.

This is how I know that you can do this. I am not in that dark place today. I am not hiding, denying, lying awake with my thoughts spinning or starting my day in a panic anymore. It has been a bumpy, eye opening, impactful, tearful, anxious, inspirational and totally amazing ride. I’m now a long way from the panic attacks , uncertainty and confusion that faced me when I walked out of that courtroom.

  • Today I run my own business.
  • It is my passion and it gives me clarity about the direction I want my life to go.
  • I bought a new home for myself and my children.
  • I built a new network of friends who support and inspire me.
  • I have healthy habits that sustain me emotionally and physically.
  • I can look back on my marriage objectively, with an understanding of our flaws and missteps.
  • Instead of focusing on what might have been, I can focus on what I have now and what the future holds for me with excitement.
  • I have found a confidence and purpose in my life that I never knew I possessed.

I am determined to support you in doing this because I know that
this is YOUR time to find out how Fabulous you are and how well you can Thrive in the next chapter of your life.



What can you expect from this Fabulous and Thriving package?


  • You will learn what destructive habits are holding you back from thriving…and how to eliminate them
  • Start to employ healthy habits for your mind, body and spirit.
  • You will be able to lessen your stress and anxiety, allowing you to finally sleep soundly every night.
  • You will learn relaxation techniques
  • You will make empowered decisions
  • You will understand and meet the needs of the relationships with your family.
  • You will allow yourself to grieve for the loss of your former life, while still  moving on in a positive way.
  • You will be able to interact with your ex husband in a healthy way.
  • You will embrace  your new social and support network.
  • You will find clarity about what you really want from life and plan a path to get it.
  • You will love your new Whole Self and live your best life. Thriving as you never had imagined.


My clients work with me because I understand what they are going through, and I’m in the position to exhibit true empathy.  We will approach your problems from a position of curiosity, not judgment. I’ll be part cheerleader and part tough love coach….always on your side and guiding you.

I am committed to having this process be sustainable, easy and fun.


Fabulous And Thriving After Your Midlife Divorce 

Transformation Package


  • Each week (or every two weeks, depending on your goals), you will have a private one- on -one 50 -minute coaching session with me. In these sessions we will focus on a different aspect of the challenges that you are facing after your divorce. This can be done over the phone or  via computer.
  • You’ll be invited into my private Facebook Group where you can find extra support, inspiration and informational articles and tips
  • I’m available by  email or Voxer for support between calls.
  • You’ll be given action steps to complete after each session based on our discussion and your unique needs.
  • I’ll provide educational articles as needed.



Because I know that finances are often a hurdle as you transition from being someone else’s better half to being your whole, fabulous self, I have put together these special bonuses for you!

  • BONUS #1
    • You will be given a Financial Health Packet that has been put together by a Financial Planner for this program
  • BONUS #2
    • You will be offered a 45 minute discussion with a financial planner, extra to our sessions.


 To get started on your Midlife-Divorce Recovery & Transformation:


The first step is to sign up for your 45- minute Discovery Breakthrough session that I am giving away as a free gift to you.

After this call you will walk away with a vision of how you can end the emotional tailspin of your divorce hangover.

You will understand that there are concrete steps that you can take to break out of the rut you’re in and take action

In addition to this, you’ll be able to assess whether this program is the best fit for you and I’ll be able to assess the same question. If we both decide this program is for you, we’ll get started right away!

Together we will focus on your future and the vibrant thriving woman that you deserve to be.


Click Here Now for your Free Fabulous and Thriving Breakthrough Call


When you sign up for the Fabulous and Thriving After Your Midlife Divorce Transformation Package you’ll receive a welcome packet email, including a program agreement that you can sign and send back to me.

As this is a VIP one -on -one program, there are a limited number of spots open each month.

Please be sure to book your Breakthrough Call as soon as possible in order to save your spot.

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I am a Confidence Coach offering innovative and transformational coaching methods that focus on easy and sustainable changes to enable you to move on in a positive way after your divorce.

This Fabulous and Thriving Transformation program is committed to addressing your unique needs and goals


This is a completely different kind of program from anything else you’ve seen until now because

  • This is specifically designed for women facing the challenges of midlife divorce
  • This is to support you AFTER the process of your divorce has finished and focus on your new life ahead.
  • This program covers all the areas that pose challenges in your new life, but is specifically geared to your personal, unique needs.


I combined my coaching skills with my personal experience to help women like you battling to find their identity and security after their divorce is final.

Throughout the 12 sessions we will cover these general areas.

The first thing to concentrate on is your divorce hangover. Recognizing your hangover is the first step towards healing the pain. Your feelings may still be focused on past hurts and if they make you angry, anxious, depressed, or wistful about what might have been, then they are not healthy. As long as you are still emotionally engaged and entangled with your ex-husband in these ways, you can’t live in the present or move forward into the future.

By the end of this section of the program you should be able to pull out of the emotional tailspin that the divorce has left you in. You will be able to reach out and consciously begin to manage your emotions.

If necessary, we will look at the destructive habits that may be holding you back. We need to identify what you may be doing to avoid the emotions and challenges that you don’t want to face.

This is the section of the program where you will get stronger….Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Dealing with relationships is often a main focus with my clients. This could include children, family or friendships. If you are feeling isolated, we tackle how to look outside yourself to find new friends. Even looking into the area of dating if you think that you are ready to go there.

The main goal is that you are able to feel connections, support and confidence with the relationships in your life. This is where you can learn to feel comfortable with yourself and both old and new relationships.

Often the most vital work that I do with clients is to shine a light on the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from recognizing their true selves. The lack of confidence, the inability to make decisions, the harsh self judgement are all part of a story that we tell ourselves over and over until we believe that is who we actually are. When, in fact, we can totally rewrite that story in order to shine as the truly fabulous women we deserve to show to the world.

Most importantly, through all of the work we do, you are going to learn to become your Whole Self. This is the time to move away from thinking of yourself as someone’s wife or thinking about how he would react or think about something.

You will rediscover your identity. What are your passions? What are your goals? How do you want to live this new life? It may be thinking about a new career path or simply deciding what you hold dear as your truths and beliefs.

Moving on from this is about taking action from all you have healed, uncovered and learned about yourself up to this point. You know what it is you want out of life. You are able to nourish yourself in positive and healthy ways. You know how you stand financially and how to continue to be healthy in this area. You understand about supportive and nurturing relationships.

You now can truly move on and be Fabulous and Thrive.



I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how thrilled I am to have you as a Confidence Coach. You have worked in a fashion that puts me at ease and makes me feel like we have been friends for years. You never judge me even when I am having my moments and your compassion shines through.

I look forward to our continued work together and just wanted to make you aware how grateful I am to have you work with me and for helping me through my challenges each week. (You truly are heaven sent)


Lynn. PA


Book Your Free Fabulous and Thriving Breakthrough Call Now


I believe that once you have gone through this program, you will be able to redesign your life just the way you want it. As impossible as this sounds right now, you can create the vision for your new life. You will find hope and happiness again. There are concrete steps that you can take to reach your goals. You can move positively and confidently into the next phase of your life. I promise to support and guide you on this fabulous journey to the new WHOLE you.


This Fabulous and Thriving Transformation is for you if you’re…

  • fed up of feeling stuck and emotionally paralyzed by new unforeseen challenges then this is for you.
  • Unable to stop wishing that things were the way they used to be when you had your ex-husband by your side.
  • struggling with feeling alone, especially in the moments when your friends are busy with their own families.
  • wanting to immediately feel more emotional connections instead of  isolation.
  • Worried about your high level of everyday stress as you manage every-day schedules and routines – including your own.
  • dreaming of having confidence in yourself and being able push your way through your new challenges.
  • desiring to feel lighter and calmer instead of stressed out and anxious.
  • If you are lying awake at night and wondering how you can keep going  when you feel so overwhelmed, then this is for you.


If you are not ready…

I do need to let you know that this program is not for everyone. This is not a quick fix solution. You have been through so much over a long period of time. Emotions are raw and energy is low. However, this program can lead to your path for making the next stage in your life the best one yet. You can’t count yourself out. It can transform your mindset and will impact your future. Transformation is not for the faint of heart. It is not for the hesitaters or for the unwilling. I have been doing this for years but I can’t promise you results, if you are not prepared to put in the work and follow through.

This is for the bravest, strongest women who insist that they are worth making the effort for. I know this because I have done it and I have seen my clients who have done it.


Book Your Free Fabulous and Thriving Breakthrough Call Now


It’s time to choose your path, Superwoman

You can’t keep it together forever, because inside you KNOW you’re crumbling. I know that you are tired of being tired.

You are tired of lying awake at night, worrying about how you are going to face all the challenges ahead of you.

You are tired of pretending everything is ok when you are grieving for the end of your marriage and the life that  you thought you had.

You can continue with the sick feeling in your gut that’s telling you you’re not living your true purpose.

You can continue to be disconnected from yourself and loved ones.

You can continue to feel tired, ashamed and overwhelmed.


Or, instead of always feeling exhausted and depleted, missing out on the joy in your life,

You can feel as though you ARE the person you always were meant to be.

You can be your Fabulous Whole Self  instead of someone else’s better half.


Book Your Free Fabulous and Thriving Breakthrough Call Now


To watch my FREE webinar: 

4 Essential Steps To Rediscover Yourself, Recover Your Confidence and Regain Control Over Your Life After Your Midlife Divorce


Please feel free to contact me. I would love to answer any questions you may have.



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