Confidence Coach, Author and Divorce Recovery Expert

Women come across my books and my work when the feeling that it’s time to give up, settle or give in to the negative voice in their head about what they deserve or what they can hope to achieve…especially when it comes to the area of love… has been holding them back for too long. And many have been telling themselves the same thing for years.

However, now they are ready to learn how to start over after divorce. It can seem impossible at times to know how get over at divorce after a long marriage. Starting over after divorce in your 40’s, 50’s and even 60’s can feel like an overwhelming task.

What they discover is that they can focus on what they really want and become who they desire to be. The rest will just fall into place.


I take my clients to a place of true confidence to finally feel in control of their life. Leaving the past ideas about who they are and what they can achieve behind them, in order to bust through to the Fabulosity they deserve.

If your lack of confidence is affecting your relationships, your work and ability to make money, your health, you find it hard to focus and make decisions and the day to day joy that you could be feeling in your life is just not there, then maybe it’s time to reach out for help

Whether it be family, finances, work issues, dating, stress, anxiety or spending waaaay too much time thinking about an ex., midlife divorce recovery is well within your grasp.

Check out my site to find tips, videos and some of the best books on moving on after divorce.

I am determined to support you in finding your confidence because I know that
this is YOUR time to find out how Fabulous you are and how well you can thrive in the next chapter of your life.

My clients work with me because I understand what they are going through, and I’m in the position to exhibit true empathy.  We will approach your problems from a position of curiosity, not judgment. I’ll be part cheerleader and part tough love coach….always on your side and guiding you.

I am committed to having this process give real, life- changing results that are sustainable.